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Released in May 2022 on Spotify 

Do you believe in witches and magic? Do you think there could be a world with two moons and mystical creatures roaming the streets? Sounds impossible right... Shanaya also thought the same. Listen to the tale of a modern day witch 'Shanaya' and her quest into a real world fuelled by her imagination.


Released in Jan 2022 on Sochcast: India's first Fauji wife Audio Drama

The life of an army man is difficult but with Trunk Tales, we showcase the life of a Fauji wife, the free-spirited, the go-getter dynamic Anamika. A modern-day marriage includes a husband, a wife and both their aspirations - personal and professional. However with Captain Atharv and Anamika, come along the tussles of moving in together, in a brand new city to call home, after being married for 280 days. Anamika has to find her balance between relocating cities, setting up a new home with Atharv


I Hear You- A Spotify Original| Released in March 2021

There’s a new detective in town. She says she hears voices. But whose voices are these? Delhi Special Bureau's ace detective, Priyamvada Parmar's life changes after she gets into a brutal car accident in which she loses her husband Atul. Although she is undergoing therapy from Manish, her childhood friend, she realises she has her own demons to deal with.


Darr ka Raaz| A Spotify Original| Released in April 2021

Ek hota hai darr, ek hota hai khauff, aur phir aata hai...Phobia. Agar aise darr ka saaya aap par bhi hai, toh call keejiye : Phobia Helpline and get ready to treat your deepest darkest fears by Dr. Phobia. Together with Sara, Dr. Phobia will unravel your Darr Ka Raaz. Taiyaar hain? This latest Spotify Original is a Hindi Horror podcast, produced by MNM Talkies.

woh kya tha logo.jpg

Woh Kya Tha: Horror stories with 1 million+ listens| Released in Dec 2020

With 1 million listens in 8 episodes, Woh Kya Tha is a beloved podcast in Hindi for the horror stories lovers! Listen today! 

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