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How Podcasts can drive sales for your brand

The formula is not as simple as 1+1=2 when it comes to podcasts. The industry is growing in India steadily and is showing a very high number of contributors or creators. An independent creator can ask for his podcast to be funded by accepting donations, but what about brands? Any brand manager will calculate all the possibilities before investing in a communication model. Podcasts might not bring in direct sales but they can definitely be a powerful lead generation tool.

A branded podcast can be the first touchpoint to get leads and do a series of engagement with your probable customers.

When your target segment listens to your podcast and relates to it, it will surely respond to it with a comment, share or like. And if we feed it with a call to action, it may even do that. CTAs act as a lead magnet and have the power to engage the audience:


Your audience can be redirected to a microsite that has some free resources or something to lure them. Remember "Free" mostly works. For example, giving them a free course or diet plans, workout videos etc. When they fill out the form on the website to download, one can get their details or ask them to sign up for newsletters.

Running a contest: Podcast listeners can be redirected to your social media pages, toll-free number or website when you run a contest. while they participate you can engage them with products or save their data for future communication

Free consultation: Giving away free advice from an expert can also be a good tool to engage your listeners.

Exclusive deals for the listeners: Give offer codes to the listeners, so they can redeem it when they buy the service from the website.

Make sure whatever your lead magnet is, it needs to be authentic and not look like a trap. Consumers are smart and understand almost all the tricks of marketing these days. Anyways, an authentic way will help your brand build trust and help in TOM recall.

If your lead magnet is a landing page or a social media page, make sure you capture the audience with a clear and concise message the moment that person clicks the link. A single-action CTA helps in decluttering the mind and engages the audience right away. Too many steps and formality might make the audience suspicious and they may even leave it right away.

If you are using social media, promote your podcast and the lead magnet differently. Make an attractive audiogram of the CTA or a post with quote and pictures.

Repurpose your old content through a podcast and get the traction back! Watch the video below and see how to do that!

A podcast is for brands that have patience and want to develop a 360-degree communication strategy. A branded audio file can give the audience a personalised one on one talk and yet not sound like a heavy marketing scheme. It is a type of soft-selling aiming to create a deep impact.

Monetization takes time, but lead generation depends on the quality of content and creative engagement ideas!

So what are you waiting for, we would love to guide you with a nice podcast launch plan and effective audio content. Contact us today!

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