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Why podcasts should be on the top of your branding list

Audio is a medium that has been always considered as a background medium, but with the advent of the podcast in the past decade, it is slowly moving forward. Podcasts have become an intelligent mode of consuming information as it enables you to learn something on the go without looking at the screen and having a fear of dropping the phone or even yourself! You can learn about spirituality or even hear your favorite celeb gossips while you are driving, golfing, shopping, and even working out. Unlike the competition in visual media, audio media still has a very less competitive band. especially Niche podcasters are quite less and if your brand is centered in India then you may actually be lucky to count the competition on your fingers. If you don't start your brand's podcast now, soon this golden opportunity might run out of your hands. Brands like Spotify, Apple, Google, Airtel, Saavn and others are already spreading their roots in this game. Right now publishing is free, broadcasting is free, the only cost is for production. But as the competition will rise you might end up paying the popular medium some money to get your podcast channel on them. All I want to tell you all is to strike the iron when it's hot! And start generating audio content. Audio content is extremely flexible. You can convert a podcast episode into slideshows/videos. You can create a video of yourself creating the podcast or maybe go live! Then you can transcribe the same and create a blog post for your website. What more you can even use shorter excerpts from the audio and create vines or shorter videos or use them as ads. I was hearing one of Gary Vaynerchuk's podcast the other day and realized that in his 20 minutes he spoke about the medium for about 5 minutes and told about 10 possibilities that can be carved out of them. Most of them I have listed above, but one of the most striking ones was how these podcasts can be used to expose your brands to influencers and people you want to do business with. So he said that there are so many people out there who are either a successful business or influencers, whom you want to work with. The first thing you do is contact them for a chat on the phone on email etc. But when you tell them, "Hey I want to do an interview with you or feature your story on my podcast, you are exposing your brand in a unique way. when you interview them you talk about yourself, your brand and they talk about theirs. Both get benefitted, but you are the winner there. Why? Because you leveraged the opportunity to present your brand in a uniquely memorable way into your prospect, secondly you build a trust value in the listeners and thirdly you ride on the reach of this 'A' particular person/brand/company and get your business a big fat exposure! One of AudioVaani's client came with a motive to create an interesting podcast show, so we designed concept, the theme for the different segments and wrote content that was fun and engaging. We started The Soda Monk Show with 20 audios per month talking about everything, from the history of samosa to why Gin is called Mother's ruin. We are adding masala to the bland history of food and alcohol and filling it with Bollywood dialogues and wordplay, talking about fads about diets and keeping all the information in a simple easy to understand Hinglish! Here is a link to The Soda Monk Show: I have done my masters in Yoga and have been teaching since 2015 while producing podcasts, I thought why shouldn't I leverage my niche and start speaking about it. So I started another podcast called The Yoga Dialogue. This decodes the complicated looking topics in the old philosophies and texts of yoga. My idea is to KISS! I mean Keep It Short and Simple. So embrace the podcast revolution by joining it before your competition gets flooded. We at Audio Vaani will guide you on how to unleash the maximum out of this emerging medium!

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